Sunday, 23 May 2010

Polar Dreams

So, the Polar Bear dream.

I was in a large room, very large. A massive cavern with a pool in the middle. I remember the pool being very Roman-esque. The pool was surrounded by ruins of columns with roofs over several levels. I was with another person, a guy who I didn't know but we were in the situation together. What the actual situation was, I don't know.

We were making our way to the top of the ruins for some reason and as we climbed there was a large polar bear asleep on the first level. We had to get past it and were trying to sneak past. The only way to sneak past was on the very edge. As we edged past I fell back into the pool, the guy I was with was shouting to see if I was okay and I was swimming to the edge of the pool. At this point the polar bear woke up. The guy moved behind one of the columns and I stopped swimming and stayed still hoping the polar bear wouldn't see me. Unfortunately, it did and I have a very clear under water image of the polar bear crashing into the water in the middle of the pool. I then remember lots of shouting and a mad dash out of the pool. I scrabbled up the ruins to the first level, the guy was shouting and helping me. I got onto the roof but the polar bear stood on it's hind legs and could just reach the top. It was trying to bite me and swiped at me. I remember kicking it in the face and trying to get away from it. The guy was trying to pull me back away from it and as he did so I punched the polar bear and connected with the side of it's nose and it fell backward into the pool and I remember the guy shouting at me to move before it came back. . .

. . . and that's it.

My wife recalls it differently. She remembers being rudely awakened with a full right hook to the chest.

And I have absolutely no idea why I was dreaming of polar bears. It's not like there are any comics about them, is it?

Next time - It's a Con!

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